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Hosting and Its Liabilities Jul 21, 2014 Hosting a party this summer? You can be held liable for the actions of your guests after they leave your home. Learn what your responsibilities are and how you can protect yourself and your guests.
Personal Injury and Nursing Homes Jul 08, 2014 You expect that your loved ones are being cared for in an environment that is calm, soothing and nurturing but this is not always the case. Learn what can happen at a nursing home or other elderly care facility.
Personal Injury and Pregnancies Jun 24, 2014 A pregnancy is a time where extra precaution should be taken at all times. Here we look at the law as it pertains to the rights of her fetus.
Stages of a Claim Jun 19, 2014 What happens when you file a claim? Here we briefly outline the process so you can better understand what takes place.
Expectations from the First Meeting Jun 09, 2014 As a client, you have every right to know what happens from the time you are hurt to the time you are made whole again. Here we outline what you can expect from the first meeting with your personal injury lawyer.
Steps to take after an Accident Jun 03, 2014 Taking the right steps after an accident can improve your case and help resolve the matter in a timely fashion. Learn how you can help yourself if you have been involved in an accident.

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