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Misconceptions about Car Accidents and Insurance Apr 06, 2015 Word of mouth can sometimes fuel unfounded assumptions that can hurt your chances in a personal injury claim. See how a few common ones can affect you.
Bad Faith Insurance Mar 31, 2015 Having faith in your insurance company allows you to have a piece of mind when it comes to securing the things that are important to you. But is that trust sometimes misplaced?
Class Action Lawsuits Mar 20, 2015 Usually seen as a David versus Goliath scenario, a class action lawsuit entails many aspects and is an uphill battle. Here we take a look at its purpose and how it affects all those involved.
The Superior Court of Justice Mar 16, 2015 The most financially taxing option, learn a bit of the process your case will go through when navigation through this level of Court.
The Simplified Procedure Mar 08, 2015 Learn where your case can be addressed in civil litigation court.
Small Claims Court Feb 28, 2015 Begin to learn the stages of the civil litigation process in Ontario.

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