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Are You Adequately Insured For Injury and Liability Aug 23, 2016 Since statutory accident benefits were reduced for Ontarians on June 1st, policyholders are advised to review their coverage with their insurer to determine if they have adequate coverage or should purchase optional benefits, particularly in the face of rising healthcare costs.
Safety Tips From Drowning Prevention Week2016 Aug 17, 2016 July 17-23 was designated as National Drowning Prevention Week by the Life Saving Society in order to focus media and public attention on drowning prevention. Here are their key suggestions for preventing drowning.
Getting Help To Resolve Insurance Company Disputes Aug 07, 2016 Insurance claims or disability benefits are often denied to individuals with a legitimate need or claim for benefits. A personal injury lawyer has the necessary expertise to help claimants obtain the optimal benefits they are owed.
Acquired Brain Injury: Causes and Symptoms Aug 02, 2016 Car accidents are one of the most common causes of acquired brain injury (ABI). ABI can result in concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury, and can have a permanent and substantial impact on an accident victim
Liability In Oakville Parking Lot Accident Jul 19, 2016 In a trial to determine who was liable in an Oakville parking lot collision, the judge concluded that the Highway Traffic Act does not necessarily apply to private parking lots. However, a driver will be found liable if they failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care in driving and as a result, caused injuries to another person.
Knowing Whether You Should File A Claim Jul 11, 2016 Whether or not to make a claim for injury compensation can be a difficult decision for many accident victims. But consultation with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer is generally free and can help resolve any uncertainty.

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