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Dog Bites and Personal Injury Feb 22, 2015 Beloved pets can unintentionally be the cause of significant bodily harm to others. Learn how you can protect yourself, your family and your pets.
Canada's Worst Driver Feb 15, 2015 As comedic as the confessions of these "challenged drivers" may be, poor driving skills and practices are a serious matter and one of the major factors in personal injury cases.
Behind Your Insurance Rates Feb 05, 2015 Many factors will influence the car insurance rates that you pay and the coverage that you are afforded. Learn what they are and how they can affect you financially.
Help Stop Drinking and Driving Jan 30, 2015 See how you can be held financially responsible for your guests at a party and learn a few simple tips to prevent them from putting themselves and others in danger.
Claiming through Insurance Jan 22, 2015 It is comforting knowing that in time of need you have an insurance plan that can help but the road to receiving that help can be blocked with legal manoeuvring and delays if you do not have the right legal presentation.
Safety for Our Elders Jan 20, 2015 Everyone is prone to injury and our elderly loved ones are even more susceptible. Help keep them safe with a few simple tips.

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