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Defective Products and Product Liability Apr 19, 2016 Defective products may lead to serious injury to consumers, for which manufacturers and/or sellers may be held liable.
Falls Are a Common Cause of Back Injuries Apr 14, 2016 Painful back injuries caused by slip and falls are a common source of personal injury claims, which can compensate victims for losses such as, rehabilitation expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering.
The Dangers of Motorcycle Driving Apr 01, 2016 Here we take a look at some real life incidents involving motorcycle accidents and discuss the injuries that can result from them.
Risks of Lending Your Vehicle Mar 15, 2016 Here we discuss the potential liability and repercussions on your insurance that the simple decision to lend out your vehicle can lead to.
Promoting Safety In School Zones Mar 07, 2016 School zones can be a hazardous area for both children and drivers. A number of children cross streets in school areas during the morning and afternoon commute and some are not always cautious. Here we discuss safety tips for young pedestrians and motorists that can help reduce accidents and injury.
The Cost of Making A Claim Mar 03, 2016 After being seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, accident victims deserve to have honest and measured answers to their questions about the potential success of their claim and the costs associated with filing a claim.

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