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Distracted Driving Jul 03, 2015 Technological advances contribute to distracted driving. The Smartwatch comes under scrutiny as Ontario laws are changing to protect the public from accidents and injuries due to driving while distracted.
Safety for Canada Day Jun 24, 2015 Beyond the festivities, we need to take reasonable precautions to ensure that guests and loved ones are safe, and that we have fulfilled our duty of care with regards to potential liability.
Insurance Fraud Jun 18, 2015 Fraudulent insurance claims and insurance scams negatively affect insurance companies and victimize claimants who are in genuine need of compensation for their injuries.
Costly Injury at Costco Jun 12, 2015 Tragedy struck at a Costco in London, Ontario. Headlines were made when a car reversed into the front of the well known store, resulting in injuries and death for an innocent family.
Compensation for Scars and Disfigurement Jun 03, 2015 The psychological injuries associated with scars and disfigurement are a valid and common issue that should be addressed when seeking compensation. Here we discuss the importance and validity of an issue that is often overlooked and not taken seriously.
Swimming Safety May 31, 2015 Summer is here and all things outdoor and fun are back! Hiking, riding and swimming are back in full swing and we should all be mindful of the huge role safety should play during this time. In this piece we focus specifically on swimming.

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