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Swimming Safety May 31, 2015 Summer is here and all things outdoor and fun are back! Hiking, riding and swimming are back in full swing and we should all be mindful of the huge role safety should play during this time. In this piece we focus specifically on swimming.
Elevator and Escalator Injuries May 25, 2015 Elevator and escalator injuries accidents are rare but not unheard of. Here we address the rules surrounding the proper maintenance and care of these common contraptions and advise you on what you should do if ever you are hurt on an elevator or escalator.
Expert Witnesses May 13, 2015 Can their testimony be tainted or swayed? While the cost of an expert witness can run really high, see how a ruling almost prohibited interaction between a lawyer and a hired expert witness.
Halton and Peel Region Personal Injury Services May 05, 2015 Here we take a quick look at the professional services provided here at Stevenson Whelton MacDonald & Swan and enlighten you on the steps you should take on your road to recovery.
Attendant Care and Technology Apr 30, 2015 Take a look at how technology affects Attendant Care Services in Canada.
Insurance Denial Apr 21, 2015 See how easily your insurance claim can be denied or your policy cancelled if you withhold information, are unaware of your obligations, or engage in a behaviour that nullifies your contract.

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